Do you need a professional touch to give you that perfect appearance for a special occasion? Our stylists at Gotham Beauty provide makeup services as well as hair treatments to ensure that you look fantastic from head to toe! Give us a call to schedule your makeup appointment at our conveniently located office in New York, New York!

When you come in to Gotham Beauty, our professional stylists will consult with you about your aesthetic goals and work with you to create a customized plan to give you a beautifully balanced appearance and make you look stunning. We will determine the best types and shades of makeup, from foundation to eyeliner to lipstick, and carefully apply your makeup to create a beautiful result.

Our stylists also want to make sure that you can look and feel good all the time, and not only for special events. We will work with you to determine the perfect day-to-day makeup combinations for your skin and complexion, and will help you learn the most effective ways to apply your makeup.

We invite you to call Gotham Beauty today for more information about makeup and schedule your consultation with our professional stylists. We look forward to working with you!