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1 “Medical Spa Opens on 57th Street”

2 “Page Six: We Hear”

3 “Kate Gosselin’s $35,000 Extreme Makeover”

4 “The Impact of The ‘Elective Services Tax’ on Small Businesses”

2  “Seen & Heard”

images  “White Glove Medical Spa”

Gotham_mag   “In-and-Out Beauty at Gotham Skincare

logo-94689b6255aa6aa04ff8f218423e5300  “Complexion Perfection”

20130101-A--0001-NAT-CCI-CN_--.qxd  “A dancer reinvents himself as an entrepreneur”

3  “The 4 Layer Restoration Skin Treatment”

styleblazer2012-logo  “Yummy All-Natural Facials at Gotham Skincare”

4  “Recover from Summer at Gotham Skincare”

1390096748  “Gotham Skincare– Quality in the Empire State”

Stock-N-Go  “10 Surprising Facts About Sun Protection”